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6. Call Forwarding

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Call forward is a voice productivity feature that can to direct all of your calls to different ephone.

There are 2 different types of call forward:


1) Dynamic call forwarding - forward calls on the cisco phone itself.

To forward call you can press CFwdAll softkey on ephone, enter the phone number you want forward a calls to and press End softkey or # button. This step by step process show next pictures.

You can see icon in upper-right corner to indicate that phone has been forwarded.

When  forwarded call is received by appropriate device on their screen show message: call to number 1000 Ciljak from 1020 was forward to Worker 2 (1010).

When we will stop phone to forwarding calls, press the CFwdALL softkey again.


2) Static call forwarding - configure forwarding within cisco IOS. These are more options that offer dynamic call forwarding method. There are these options that can be configured at ephone-DN.


all - forward all incoming call

busy - forward calls when phone is busy

night-service - forward calls when CME is in night-service active time mode

noan - forward calls after a specified amount of time when phone has not been answered


example of config:

CME(config)#ephone-dn 1

CME(config-ephone-dn)#call-forward noan 1010 timeot 30



Closer look at noan and busy call forwarding show next pictures:



Now we look at no answering ephone 1 with extension 1000 that will be forwarding to 1010 after 30s timeout of no answering.



When noan timeout timer expire call is forwarding to 1010 extension.