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17. Port security on access layer switchport

Port security is feature that enable permit or deny traffic for end user PCs connected to access layer switch. Port security enable specify a group of valid MAC address on port. If maximum secure MAC address  is reached then security violation modes lead to protect, restrict or shutdown of port.


There are 3 ways how to configure port security:

1) Static secure MAC addresses - manually configured with

   switchport port-security mac-address MAC_ADDRESS

16. Administrative Distance and route source preference

In environment with 2 or more enabled routing protocols must be present mechanism for selection of routing sources that are learned. What routing protocol obtained routes for remote network will be introduced to routers routing table? That is a big question.


Administrative Distance in short AD is considered parameter that will break the tie and say about trustworthiness of routing source.



15. PPP and Frame relay in small network

PPP and Frame relay are protocols operating at data link layer used in segment of private WAN connection. PPP enable establish communication through serial link between cisco and noncisco device where can not be used proprietary HDLC cisco encapsulation. Frame relay networks offer packet switched technology in providers network.  This article will focus on simple implementation of PPP serial link and Frame relay link in office environment.



UNIX and posix like OS administration

This section focus on Unix or posix like OS administration. Articles cover area of basic CLI commands with appropriate explanation, deployment of application layer services as FTP, SFTP, WWW, E-mail, NFS, SAMBA file server or LDAP, SSH access an certification key generation.

16. CUCM 8 - Call hunt configuration

As it was in CUCME call hunt enable one hunt pilot number to distribute calls to members of hunt list. For reference please read our article


CUCM configuration for call hunt is more flexible and robust. During creation of hunt environment we going through this steps:

Tesla Kvarteto 525A - reconstruction

This topics will cover brief description of Tesla Kvarteto 525A and process of it renovation. Technical parameters are listed in:

GNS3 for our VoIP home training lab

Basic simulation element for our sw based home training lab will be GNS 3 simulator. But question is, what it is GNS3 simulator. Best description we found at " GNS3 is a FREE graphical network simulator that allows simulation of complex networks without the need to purchase network hardware.  "

1. Enabling internet access with PAT for small office

Small office need acces to internet. Internal office network use network rane and contain four clients with static preconfigured IP and DHCP range (ip dhcp excluded-address - .99 and 201.  - 254). Switching topology is without redundancy with Office 1841 router ast in router on a stick scenario. ISP is simulated by ISP router with remote server.

Network topology:

Prerequisites for our simulations

What we will need for our next simulation articles is Cisco Packet tracer. Most preferred way is obtain it from official site


but you need: 


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